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The Lion City II – Majulah

The Lion City II – Majulah from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Majulah – ‘Onward’.

When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly. The idea behind this film is to reveal this change by returning to the same camera positions over the years.

Special thanks to Michael for the amazing soundtrack, and for keeping me motivated over the past few years of shooting.

© Keith Loutit 2016
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News, Updates & Videos

Made In New York

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Shutterstock: Made in New York from Shutterstock on Vimeo.

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How Much does Animation Cost? by Mike Milo

Great blog post by Mike Milo

I just simply don’t know what it is about art that makes people think it’s so easy to do. Why do people think animation is cheap to produce? Is it the fact that we can all pick up a pencil? We all have ideas? We’ve seen so much of it we think we know what stuff should look like?

I don’t know… but I will tell you the average client puts no value on artwork.


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