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CoGe released: New modules, features and bug fixes.

CoGe released

A new minor release, CoGe is out. This release fixes some annoying bugs, but also installs some new Mixer and Control modules. It also contains a new feature, which will help you with MIDI/OSC Talkback – from now, you have an option in the Outputs menu to send a MIDI/OSC message with all senders, so if you set up MIDI/OSC Talkback with a controller, this way it can be easily synchronized with CoGe. This feature also triggered automagically when you load a project/preset, so your devices will be in sync with CoGe from the start!

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VJ Central goes live with new look and features. Facebook & Twitter pages created.

Most if not all VJ’s have heard of VJ Forums. If not, do yourself a favor and check out the largest VJ community online. Created by Exhale back in the day his legacy grew and is carried on by a dedicated team of volunteers. Now after many years the sister site VJ Central has been reactivated with a new look and impressive features.

VJ Central new look & features


VJForums & VJCentral are also staying in touch via Facebook and Twitter. Keep the information flowing and visit/favorite/add/bookmark us!

News, Updates & Videos

The Secret Sound of Spores!

The Secret sound of Spores is a software and installation piece. The software interprets the falling spores and translates them into sound in real time using a Boroscilloscope & Poppypods