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© Vadim Makhorov & Vitaliy Raskalov, 2014

After two week-long adventures over the countries of Europe,and upon returning back to Russia, it was decided to go elsewhere, and preferably somewhere warm. Being accompanied by Marat and Vadim, a decision was made to fly to The United Arab Emirates and its biggest city of Dubai. The only things I knew about the UAE is that it claimed to have the world’s tallest building, Mission Impossible 4 was filmed there, and it was home to countless amounts of skyscrapers. The destination was set, tickets were purchased, bags were packed – we were ready for take- off.




News, Updates & Videos

IRAQ in MOTION ! The Other Face Of Iraq !

IRAQ in MOTION ! The Other Face Of Iraq ! from Alawj Media on Vimeo.

this video shooting with Dynamic perception slider,

iraq at 2011-2012

Cinematography: Mujahed Alwiais
Edit: Abdulrahman Alsaigh

Copyright footage : Dijlah Channel
Production: ALAWJ MEDIA

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soundtrack : Disintegrator 2
David Tobin