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Full Length / Live Face Projection Mapping with Kat Von D

Full Length / Live Face Projection Mapping with Kat Von D from Wildbytes on Vimeo.

First-ever real-time face tracking and projection mapping performed at a live event, on stage. ALL images recorded live, No post-production added.

A live / real-time face projection mapping event where 3D rendered images were projected over Kat Von D’s face, following accurately her movements. Custom software and a high-end tracking system were used to track her body movements and adapt the projection content in real-time to her torso, neck and face. Original music composition played live by a string quartet.

Watch the Making Of Teaser video here:


On Stage Performance
Kat Von D

Project Direction
Julio Obelleiro

Creative & Lead Art Direction
Casilda Sánchez

Art Direction
Guillem Castellvi

Production Designer
Daniel Torrico

3D and VFX artists
Manuel Cámara
Nachei Sánchez
Juanjo Bernabeu
Carlos Diéguez

Creative Coding
Nacho Cossío
Carles Gutierrez
Eduardo Jiménez

Production and Project Management
Andrés Moreno
Leticia Buenadicha
Jorge Torrico

Music Composition and Direction
Alicia Reyes

Carlos Camara
Rafael Martínez
Rocío Lopez
Emilio Maravella

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Sandmation, making animation with sand by Inga Burina

Live animation video by Inga Burina, a teaser for my forthcoming live animation video project I’m working on at the moment, enjoy.
Music : Triple Distilled ” Hush Hush Hash” Boshke Beats Records 2012

News, Updates & Videos

Casual weekend as a VJ by Philipp Rudler

FROM A VJs HEART from Philipp Rudler on Vimeo.

FAVH documets the usual atmosphere before, during and after a VJ show.

Entirely shot on a Lumix TZ7 w/ a custom made rig.
Music by Vitalic.

NEONIX @ Conrad Sohm