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Vixid, creators of VJX16-4 announce company closing (2005-2012)

Vixid announces closing

Dear users, dear partners, dear friends,

Today, the VIXIDSARL’s venture is coming to an end. We are keen on saying goodbye to you, but above all thanking you.

Started in 2005, our project was based a simple idea: shaking up the traditional audiovisual tools and bringing truly innovative solutions to meet the needs of the new audiovisual practices. Right from the start, some people supported us unconditionally, while many others considered that the project was unrealizable. Designing, developing and industrializing a video mixer in France sounded unfeasible. Nevertheless, we made it: in 2008, the VJX16-4 video mixer saw the light of day. Since then, it travelled around the world with international artists and users in more than 30 countries.

We have always stayed true to our values and our commitments of quality, innovation and dialogue with our users. One of our greatest successes is our satisfaction. We also marveled many times at the way our products were used, whether in the hands of VJs, theater and dance companies or for public or private events.

Sadly, after all these years, we have to bow out. We want to thank you for your support, your encouragements and your friendship during these years. It was a wonderful technological and human adventure.
We hope to have the pleasure to meet you at the entrance of a theatre, in a concert hall or anywhere else.

Best wishes,


PS: the vixid’s website will be shut down in the next weeks, so we invite you to download as soon as possible the user manual, tutorial videos and anything that could be useful.
If needed, you can contact the vixid team’s member using the following emails: [email protected], jonath[email protected], [email protected].

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Play with VIXID & LPM2011 to win a set of two converters contest.



LPM2011 Contest

To celebrate the LPM festival in Minsk, VIXID offers a set of two converters that allow you to easily connect your computer, whether Mac or PC, to your video mixer.

The winner of the draw will receive a VGA to video converter and a Mini DisplayPort to video converter. To learn more about these computer signals to video converters, visit the converters category of the VIXID Store.

To try your luck click the image or navigate to the VIXID site to fill out the form before Monday, October 31, 2011 midnight (Paris – France). The draw will take place on Tuesday 1st November 2011.

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VJ Central goes live with new look and features. Facebook & Twitter pages created.

Most if not all VJ’s have heard of VJ Forums. If not, do yourself a favor and check out the largest VJ community online. Created by Exhale back in the day his legacy grew and is carried on by a dedicated team of volunteers. Now after many years the sister site VJ Central has been reactivated with a new look and impressive features.

VJ Central new look & features


VJForums & VJCentral are also staying in touch via Facebook and Twitter. Keep the information flowing and visit/favorite/add/bookmark us!