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VJLoops now accepts Bitcoins for payments on all products

VJLoops accepts Bitcoins!

Pushing the boundaries and looking to the future VJLoops now accepts payments in BTC,mBTC otherwise known as Bitcoins an online digital cryptocurrency. We are quite pleased and excited to help bring this feature to our customers and to help further the popularity of Bitcions. What are Bitcions you may ask.


Web definitions

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency whereby the creation and transfer of bitcoins is facilitated by an open-source peer-to-peer cryptographic protocol that functions without the intermediation of any central authority. …

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Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.

News, Updates & Videos

Sopa Cabana by Dan Bull. STOP SOPA!

Sopa Cabana by Dan Bull.  STOP SOPA!

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I want to send massive thanks to every single person who contributed to this video, you’re all awesome. A number of you didn’t make the final cut, but I value your effort and enthusiasm as much as everyone else. Let’s keep the internet free. Stop SOPA.