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Celebrating 9 Years of Looping. VJLoops special anniversary SALE 40% Off for 9 Days.

Celebrating 9 Years of Looping.  VJLoops special anniversary SALE 40% Off for 9 Days.

Every month we offer a little discount to our loyal customers and once a year we have a massive sale to celebrate the anniversary of  It’s been 9 long years of looping and we thought to give our customers 40% off for the next 9 days.  Use our coupon code for instant savings on your total order.  Everyone at would like to say Thank You for your continued support.  Just copy and paste the code below into your shopping cart during checkout.

Coupon Code: 029636f6333c4340993a2098bbe5c6f0

40% Off for 9 Days

40% Off for 9 Days

News, Updates & Videos

Happy Thanksgiving, back online after a short hiatus,

HI everyone,

Sorry for the downtime we had last week.  I have a programmer working on the site and to move forward we need to move servers and install SSH.  Because of the amount of data nearly 2 TB of content our hosting provider had a hiccup and we had to reset the process.  So we still need to go give it a shot once more.  The good news is once this process is finished our programmer can continue to work and use his scripts to bring out the new features I have been dying for.  Can you say single loop sales?   Whaaaa!  Yea, I know everyone wants them and I want to bring them to you.  Hang in there and enjoy the holidays.  We would like to give out a special coup0n code for 30% off until the holiday weekend is over.  Our way of saying sorry and thanks.

Use coupon code “GivingThanks” for 30% off on your total purchase! gobble gobble

I’ve got a ton of content updates so check the home page for the new SD.

Warm Regards