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Blog post from Mads Meskalin regarding his recent visit at VJLoops Studios in Valencia, Spain

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Mads Meskalin
August 25, 2013
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Professionals associate in a variety of ways. For the more established artistic paths there are established collaborations and unions which to associate with, but for other and less established paths it’s important to take matters into your own hands. In 2012, Devon Miles and Kyle Lyons established The International VJ Exchange Program which allows video artists from all over the world to get to know eachother, swap knowledge, jobs and start collaborations. I decided to check it out, and booked a flight down to the hub of The International VJ Exchange Program, Kyle Lyons studio in Valencia, Spain.

Kyle Lyons has been in the scene since the 90’s, and has been a central contributor to the live video art scene through his stock-footage company From his page he sells stock footage for live visuals, art and the entertainment industry, but he also invites other artists to sell their stock footage on his site as well. You can see my stock footage here.


Through my stay we tried out techniques such as Timelapse (pictures taken in a set interval to speed up time greatly) and Hyperlapse (moving timelapse), and also shot Kyles application for Shutterstock Stories above together with Roman O. Heller, who in addition to being an amazing videographer also is an incredible guy.


We all know artistic opportunities mainly come through word of mouth, and by associating yourself with professionals worldwide, you´ll see unlimited potential for collaborations and friendships. A global art-form always has local variations, and its always interesting to see how an artists cultural heritage shapes his works.


For your stock footage needs, please visit To be part of The International VJ Exchange Project, please contact Kyle Lyons or Devon Miles. Many thanks to Kyle for hosting me, for refining my knowledge about the art of timelapses and for putting up with me dragging sand all over his studio.


Oh, and did I mention that the studio is in Spain?

Written by Mads Meskalin.  Original source