Björk: The Gate

Björk: The Gate – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

For the first release from her forthcoming new album, co-produced by Arca, Björk has teamed up with a super-troupe of contributors to create a hallucinogenic new video. Artist Andrew Thomas Huang lends his tech-savvy hand to envision a kaleidoscopic world inhabited by the singer-songwriter, who is clad in an iridescent otherworldly garment designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. Read more no NOWNESS –

More of Björk’s The Gate here –

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese, awesome animation from 4 students at Utrecht School of Arts, Holland

Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Mac 'N' Cheese on Vimeo.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. This roughly two minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches.

Synopsis: When you find yourself running scared and running out of energy, there’s only a few options left to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. Stopping at nothing, watch these two guys wear each other out and rip through boundaries hitherto unbroken. Enjoy the ride!

Tools used:
– Autodesk Maya
– Eyeon Fusion
– Pixologic Zbrush
– Adobe Photoshop
– TVPaint

Inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Meet Buck.

– Animation: Tom Hankins, Gijs van Kooten, Guido Puijk, Roy Nieterau
– Music & Audio Design: Giulio Sterbini, Wouter Messelink, Peter-Paul Timmermans

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VJ FerFer visualizing for

We are happy to announce the new edition to Ferrnando Ferreira is a designer by profession but the dimensions of his work range from the design of architecture, graphic arts, multimedia, animation, 3D, production & editing video. He performs under the moniker VJ FerFer. His video-sets are intense, somewhat funny, engaging and tailored to the environment dictated by the music that accompanies the DJ. In other words it’s a visual compliment that connects in real time with the musical performance.

VJ FerFer took the first spot in the Bodo Pombal arts festival for the VJing category in 2006. In 2008 he was invited again to be the VJ resident at the Bodo party where he had the privilege to accompany the international DJs and music acts Claude Monnet, Sexy Sound System, 4 Soundz Project, and others.

Today VJ FerFer spends his time creating content for and at night he is an active VJ & Light Jockey at various clubs.

You can check out VJ FerFer’s collection of loops in SD & HD 1080p or 720p