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AVMixer Pro version 2 out now

Neuromixer has just released the new update to the popular VJ performance software AVmixer Pro version 2. This version now supports three channels of video with effects. All of its on-screen UI elements are touchscreen friendly for quick and fast interaction. Added support for Syphon on OSX allows you to send and receive video to and from another VJ application. Plus full MIDI support for controlling the software with any external MIDI controllers and even iPad!

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Quick start guide demo video by VJ Fader:

AVmixer is a three channel video mixer with effects designed for live visual performance at concerts, dance parties, and corporate events. It has a simple interface that mimics the traditional DJ mixing style. All of the on-screen UI elements are touchscreen friendly for quick and fast interaction. Additionally it is compatible with MIDI so you may control all functions via your favorite MIDI controller or iPad.

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Main interface screenshot:

Fully functional AVmixer Pro 2 beta trial will last for full 30 days. As our mailing list subscriber you may purchase a license at a special discount of 20% off, just use coupon code N20OFF at check out. Feel free to share this code with a friend 🙂

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One Response to “AVMixer Pro version 2 out now”

  1. Jaiden Troy says:

    I recently just purchased this software because I wanted to start creating visuals and I LOVE IT! It’s extremely user friendly and enjoyable to use, unlike other software I’ve tried in the past. Also, they offer a bunch of free loop packs to download if you go to their website:
    I highly recommend this software, and the price is reasonable, FINALLY!

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